Rheometer longitudinal

DT-600 – Rheometer longitudinal

– Characterizes visco-elastic longitudinal properties of Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquids of any composition. For details see the following paper:


– The transmitting piezo-crystal launches ultrasound pulses into the sample. These ultrasound pulses exert a longitudinal stress on the sample. The visco-elastic response from the liquid reduces the magnitude of the pulse and affects the speed of the pulse propagation. The receiving transducer receives weaker ultrasound pulse, converts it to an electric pulse and sends it to the electronics. Attenuation of ultrasound pulses is used for determining the viscous properties of the sample. Sound speed is related to compressibility.

– Measurement made for a set of frequencies from 1 to 100 Mhz.

– Software calculates:

– Liquid compressibility from the sound speed at single frequency.

– Bulk viscosity for Newtonian liquids.

– Longitudinal viscosity of Non-Newtonian liquids at frequencies from 1 to 100 MHz

– Viscous and elastic longitudinal modulus G’ and G”

– Verifies Newtonian nature of the liquid.

– Automatically adjustable signal to noise ratio.

– Automatic sound speed correction.

– Required minimum sample volume is 15 mL.

– Total weight is about 20 kg (60 pounds).

Rheometer longitudinal