On-line Particle Size & Zeta Potential

DT-500. On-Line Acoustic Electroacoustic Spectrometer

This instrument is intended for on-line process monitoring and quality control applications. It can continuously measure Particle size distribution, Zeta potential, Solid Content, and/or Conductivity in the same fashion as the model DT-1202 Acoustic and Electroacoustic spectrometer, but in a continuous On-Line mode. It comes packaged in a rugged housing to withstand extreme plant conditions. The user interface can be installed remotely for convenient monitoring.

It is DTI policy that potential users of the DT-500 must first familiarize themselves with the DT-1202 in laboratory conditions in circulation mode, using external pumping as a means of circulation through the sample chamber. This allows verification of all input parameters, selection of a desirable user interface, and creation of a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Then, after successful test of DT-1202 we can re-package the instrument as a DT-500. User obligations include connecting the sensor block to the industrial stream, taking into account cleaning, maintenance, required periodic calibrations, etc.

The flexible cross-pipe (green) for sample handling is disposable and easily replaceable.This allows for simplified cleaning.

Verification is made by measuring sound speed and attenuation of water.

  • Real-time process monitoring.
  • Perfect for on-line quality control.
  • All features of the DT1200 Spectrometer (except for titration option).
  • Sensor can be installed in plant or even outdoors.
  • Housing can be hosed down with other plant equipment.
  • Window for easy observation.
  • Electronics Unit (operator interface) can be installed remotely.

On-line Particle Size & Zeta Potential